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About us

          Here at 3C's church, we believe that no matter what you have done or where you come from, you are loved by Jesus Christ. So we as believers are called to show that love to anyone and accept everyone into the family and body of Christ. We also believe our church has a gift of freedom where anyone with any sort of addiction or other chains can be set free with the power of Christ. Our church was founded by Samuel Childers and is a part of his nonprofit Angels of East Africa where children are fed and given a chance at life overseas in Africa. Since Sam is busy doing this work in Africa, he appointed Michael Ragozzino, an ex-addict set free, as the head pastor over 3C's. Michael's vision for the church is a place where anyone can feel welcome and experience the love and grace of Jesus Christ. So if you haven't found a home church where you felt like you fit in or didn't feel welcome, come on down and experience the love and fellowship from all of us at 3C's Church.

our Team:
Michael Ragozzino

Lead Pastor

Michael is someone who has experienced first hand the freedom that Jesus Christ gives. And after experiencing this, he has made it his life goal to share this experience with anyone who is still a slave to the enemy.

L - R. Samuel Childers and Father Sam Ch
Samuel Childers


Sam Childers is someone whose heart is in saving children. Ever since his first trip to Africa, he knew his calling was to protect and give a chance at life to these children who were lost and abandon. Ever since his decision to stand up and do something, he has been in Africa feeding millions and giving shelter to those children who would not have anything otherwise.

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