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Kid's Ministry

Every Sunday we have a super fun kids service at the same time as our normal service, so parents can focus on the service while they know their kids are having fun while learning about Jesus. We have games, prizes, and more for the kids!

Women's Ministry

We have many events for women to get together and have fun, as well as fellowship with each other, such as our Ladies Night Out - which is where ladies get together and get pampered with nail, hair, make-up and facial services. So if you're a woman looking for a group of Christian women to fellowship with, please join this group and stay on the lookout for events for you!

Pastoral Support

If you need counseling, prayer or even advice for a hard life decision from a powerful person of Christ get a meeting with Pastor Mikey. Where he can help guide you to the calling Christ has for you and help give you the comfort of Jesus Christ when things aren't going well. Our church is also filled with people who hold the love of Jesus, so even if it's not the Pastor, we have someone willing to talk to you or pray for you at any time of day.

Volunteer Groups

We do many events around the year and we always need volunteers, so if you or a friend are willing to help, please join this group and you will get notifications on when new events are coming up and where we need help!

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